Curious Cardigans Video

I spent today getting mail orders together. If you have been waiting on a print, many thanks for your patience. Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be in the intaglio studio again with Teresa James at White Wings press, working on my etching. In the meantime, I was lucky enough be interviewed by two very talented people: Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher of Chicago's Sonnenzimmer Press. They have started a video project called the Curious Cardigans. It's a new artist series produced for the Show & Tell Show in Chicago. It serves to document some of Chicago's artists and their sometimes strange inspirations. Strange inspirations? Exhibit A, coming right up! So, for those of you who are curious about what I do at the Field Museum, here's a tiny glimpse:

Curious Cardigans Meet Diana Sudyka Video

Warning: Brief scene in which we visit the dermestid beetle room.


  1. That was AWESOME! Loved to see where you make your magic and where you work at the Field! You are so beautiful :)

  2. Haha- thanks Geninne! If you are ever in Chicago, I will be happy to give you the full tour. And now that you have seen the bug room, we can leave that part out ; )

  3. Wow!! I can't believe my friend Geninne was keeping you and this video a secret from me.
    I love the visit to the field museum and I have to let my daughter the wildlife forensic biology major know about those hard working beetles.


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