Back from Austin, New Prints

I was in Austin, TX last week for SXSW, specifically the Flatstock Poster Convention part of it. Thanks to all that took the time to swing by my booth! This week I won't be able to post much either, as tomorrow I will be working as a guest artist at White Wings Press, here in Chicago. I will finally get to begin work on my new etching! I'll be sure to post photos as things progress. In the meantime, I am very excited to announce that I have new batch of prints in the store. There are four new giclees: Yeti Drinks Tea, Two Rooks, Adélies, and Bear Mountain. There is also a new screenprint: Darwin's Finches. It is based on the last Darwin's Finches print that I made, but is a new drawing, colors, and size.


  1. So glad you added the Adelie Penquin Print! It will look amazing next to the Musk for the Okapi :)

    On an art crit note, these three pieces remind me of a more organic/less messagy (Good Thing) Josh Keyes. I love how you can see the animial in its natural habitat, as well as the layers that came before. Wonderful Work!

  2. These are all so wonderful. Love the Yeti drinking tea.


  3. Funny you should mention Josh Keyes. When I was in Austin last week, I picked up copy of Juxtapoz and there was a big Josh Keyes interview. I hadn't been aware of his work until then (yes living under a stone). His work is amazing.


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