More Antarctic Love

I love how having this blog allows me to share my work and connect with people I otherwise would not have an opportunity to meet. My last Antarctic themed painting "Antarctic Waters" was seen by someone that has spent a lot of time on that continent. He's been very generous in sharing some of his experiences of that place, and this has been providing ample inspiration for more watercolors. One story that came up was of Sir Edmund Hillary. Hillary had been one of the first to visit Shackleton's old hut at Cape Royd's . He claimed to have seen Shackleton's ghost. I'm someone that will tell you that I don't believe in ghosts, and then proceed to tell you about the one time I was absolutely positive that I did see one. The story made me think about what else could be haunting the Antarctic skies at night (which sometimes is 24 hours). Both Scott's and Shackleton's huts are now preserved and maintained by the British and New Zealand governments.


  1. Diana your work is quite inspiring to me. It has a homemade, and skilled feel to it. Eskimos are kind of awesome too. Thanks for posting so often.

  2. I love this painting! I also loved the mourning doves. I love their sound, too. Earlier in the year, I found a sound recording of them:


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