Happy Holidays

There is snow on the ground outside, and everything is covered in ice. When I say everything, I mean every tiny little branch and winter berry. As I was finishing wrapping gifts tonight, I could hear it sleeting outside. Despite the less than magical weather conditions, I still think it's beautiful. I can look out the window in to my backyard and see the web work of branches and trees offset by the snow. This is a little painting I made of another type of winter scene for my 100 year old grandmother- in-law. I will be seeing her tomorrow along with other family and friends. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and warm too. Happy Holidays from the Tiny Aviary!


  1. I am glad to discover your work (via Geninne's Art Blog), and am looking forward to your giveaway!

  2. Welcome Judith, and yes please feel free to participate in the giveaway! Details are in the post following.


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