Tweet tweet! Tiny Aviary Vacation

Well it's that time of year. Little birds everywhere are fattening up to begin their fall journeys to their winter homes. It's time for me to travel a bit as well. Every year around this time I go to Seattle to participate in the Flatstock Poster Convention that is part of the Bumbershoot Music Festival. Jay and I love it there so much we always extend our stay and try to visit the San Juan Islands up by Vancouver. This time we are treating ourselves to a little sea kayaking. So, Tiny Aviary is going to take a little rest. I'll be back in the beginning of September. Until then, enjoy the rest of summer, and I will be back with more bird nerdness in no time!


  1. Have fun! I love that part of the world.

    And when the H are they going to have Flatstock East?! ;)

  2. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  3. Aw, drats! This came up too fast.

    We'll miss you guys and see you in September!

  4. *experiences piercing pang of homesickness for the pacific northwest*


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