HMS Beagle Project

For some time now, I have been working on developing a new logo for the HMS Beagle Project. This is an organization that is raising money to build an exact replica of the ship on which Darwin sailed. The replica will be a state of the art research vessel and will sail the route of the former HMS Beagle in conjunction with the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birthday. This is a project I really believe in as I feel that more than ever it is important for people learn about Darwin, his theories, and natural history. We decided that Darwin should be depicted as a young man, which is what he was when he sailed in the HMS Beagle. The two birds flanking his head are a Galapagos finch, and Galapagos mockingbird. Underneath his hand that cradle the HMS Beagle are a bundle of a Brazilian orchid Sophronitis purpurata.


  1. Hey Diana!

    If you want a different take on the HMS Beagle voyage check out "Evolution's Captain" by Peter Nichols. It's the story of the captain of the Beagle, Robert FitzRoy. He eventually regretted taking Darwin on board as he vehemently rejected Darwin's ideas on evolution!

  2. Yep, quite familiar with it, but I haven't read it yet. It will be added to my ever growing book list! Not surprising that FitzRoy, a strong believer in phrenology, wasn't too thrilled with his shipmate's ideas.

  3. It's lovely, thank you. And so glad to find out about your other work through the blog. My kids, who love to draw and paint and watch birds, will be inspired.

  4. Hi Diana - I love this logo, esp. with a young Darwin. I commented on the Beagle Project's blog that there wasn't a seed represented in the new logo, one floating in the ocean to an island (Galapagos). My bias toward seeds stems from a research paper I did on Darwin's seed dispersal experiments, from which I fashioned the name of my blog, The Dispersal of Darwin. So how does one get an artist to create a banner for their blog?


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