Giant Orange Rooster - Gallus orangina giganticus

I know I have been bragging about some of the little migratory visitors to my back yard recently, but this one takes the cake.I couldn't believe it when this very rare, unusual species showed up on my door step demanding to be fed (they are known to be very bold) this weekend. This particular species hasn't been spotted in the Chicago region since....well...hmmm, never? I put in a rare bird alert to the local Audubon chapter, and they hung up on me (what do they know!). He seems to deem my studio space as ideal habitat, and so for the time being (as long as we can meet the demands of his enormous appetite for Orangina), he has become the resident mascot of Tiny Aviary.


  1. Strangely enough I had one in my backyard this weekend too. Veeeeeeeery interesting! xo, m


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