The Backpack

Hello! I have been busy working away on a small series of paintings for Sebastian Foster. I had so much fun with making them. I worked on clayboard panel with gouache. I usually work on watercolor paper, so this was a good learning experience. 

The painting above is the last available. Normally, this time of year I am in Seattle and the San Juan Islands. The Pacific Northwest is one of our favorite places, and so not being able to go the last couple of years is a little achey. The image is kind of an homage to camping in the PNW, and hiking the mountains. I love corvids in general, but I particularly love Steller's Jays, Gray Jays and Ravens. When camping in the PNW, our sites were often visited by these curious, opportunistic birds. This is my idea of what happens if they happen upon a lost or abandoned backpack. 

The current plan is to keep Tiny Aviary going. It will be a bit broader in subject matter than it has been historically, but for the most part, work and posts and work will stick to the topic of nature and natural history, albeit a bit more loosely. I do plan on going back to volunteer at the Field Museum in a month or so, and thus hope that will result in more posts about museum work and collections. In the meantime, if you haven't done so already, for more up to date posting on my work, check out my FB page (link just under blogger header). 

Hope you're having a great week!

*"The Backpack" painting is currently available here.


  1. Such a wonderful painting of the jays, Diana. When I looked at the Sebastian Foster site, most of your new work was already sold! I love how you've integrated stories with many of the new paintings.

    I think it would be fine to see broader posts here. The unifying factor will always be you.

  2. Diana, I love how dark and earthy your art is. It's amazing. Every painting tells a story. Incredible!!!

  3. Love it, it just works so well, amazing story telling that you do. Is there a book somewhere due?? Lots of birdies in it please :)You do them so well.

  4. Thanks for the kind thoughts, everybody : )

  5. I just really like this, the tree and the birds. It made me think of the childrens book Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina where all the monkeys took the salesmans caps and put them in the tree while he was napping. I also like your work because you put many items in your paintings


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