Ghost Bear


A bit of radio silence here, but I've been struggling with the fact that for some time now, and for at least several months to come, I am not able to go in the Field Museum of Natural History to volunteer in the bird lab. 

The initial intent of this blog was to document my experience of volunteering in a natural history museum, but as often the way, things change. Since then, my interests have grown along with my work and on top of it all I am now a mother. I'm finding it more difficult to post work on a regular basis that stays within that initial theme, especially when I am not able to go in to the museum on a weekly basis. 

Anyway, I've been considering starting a tumblr that would serve as a broader platform for my work and interests, but whether I do or not, I won't be shutting Tiny Aviary down. Just bear with me and my sluggish posting for the time being!

In the meantime, this is a new 6 color screenprint I made called 'Ghost Bear'. I've been really in to imagery from Hiyao Miyazaki films lately, especially Princess Monoke and Spirited Away. My daughter loves Ponyo and Totoro. Miyazaki's affinity for the natural world, and our impact on it is very much a part of all of the animated movies I just mentioned. 

The print is available here


  1. My husband and I woke up this morning to a giant black bear outside the bay window at the foot of our bed. I immediately thought of this print, which I had seen on Instagram. We picked up a copy for our daughter's nursery. I'm due in December. I've been thinking a lot lately about balancing my work as a high school art teacher, someone who makes things, and my future role as a mother. Your work is an inspiration!

  2. @mdg Thanks so much, and thanks for visiting my blog. I am so honored that it will go in to your new (congrats!) daughter's nursery.

    The balancing act is challenging, and there are inevitable compromises. But it is tremendously satisfying, and a balance can be achieved if you remain flexible. Motherhood, parenting, as a whole, is a very creative endeavor. Best of luck to you!

  3. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your new blog. I'm sure it will be wonderful!

  4. Your world has grown larger, it would be welcome to be a part of it. Your work in the Natural History Museum is interesting yes, but sharing more would be nice.

  5. I'm sure whatever you choose to share with us, aviary related or not, will be a delight. I don't think there's any harm in having multiple themes on this wonderful blog of yours. I'm a relatively new reader, but what draws me in is your creativity and your way with words. Anything you set those two loose on I'll read! :)


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