Burrowing Owl

I've been working on illustrations for a series of skateboard decks. That's been occupying most of my work time these last weeks. It been a great project so far, but I haven't been able to spare time to go in to the Field Museum recently. Hoping I can make it in tomorrow to work in the bird lab.

In the meantime, here is an ink drawing of a Burrowing Owl. I love Burrowing Owls! The series of decks will each be a different terrestrial animal. I'll post a couple more soon.

One last thing: I decided to make a giclee print edition of the Spring bear painting
I made to honor poet Mary Oliver. You can now obtain a copy 


  1. That burrowing owl looks fabulous. I love owls they are amazing. Once a barn owl flew so close over my head, so quiet, but it was fantastic, ever since I've just loved them.

  2. Beautiful!! Your work is so wonderful. I love burrowing owls! - we used to have some near us when I lived in eastern Washington State. I used to go sit by where they burrowed and watch for them. :)

  3. Thanks so much, friends! I have never actually seen one in real life, alas only photos. I am looking forward to the day when I am in the part of the country where I can sit and wait to watch one too!

  4. I work with Florida Burrowing Owls everyday. For the last two years we have moved some off land slated to be mined by the Mosiac phosphate mining company and put them on reclaimed land. We just released a pair two days ago. I'm hoping to publish some work on this.

  5. They must be a fun bird to research! They have such interesting adaptations.


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