Tiny Watercolor Sets: Galapagos Finches

I've been working on multiple series of small (3 x 4 inch) watercolors. The idea is to do batches of these small paintings of flora and fauna of specific habitats. So far I have a batch of "prairie" related paintings (prairie dog, buffalo, prairie chicken, purple coneflower, compass plant), an "arctic" group (arctic fox, snow ptarmigan, musk ox, pika, and arctic poppies), and one of different species of lichens. I am hoping to do many, many more and eventually would have prints made of them to be sold in little sets, almost like flash cards. The most recent grouping of watercolors I am working on is a sampling of Galapagos Finches. Right now I have 3 completed, and I've started a fourth. I'll be posting the watercolors from the other completed batches here in the next week or so. And anytime I mention Galapagos Finches I have to point out one of my favorite books by Jonathan Weiner: The Beak of the Finch


  1. I love how the frames evoke a more genteel Darwinian era :)

  2. What a great idea!
    Can't tell you how great it is to see new posts at the Tiny Aviary :) *claps excitedly

  3. Thanks guys! *excited clapping*


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