And the Winner Is...

Paper Stories!

Congratulations! I had Isabel help out and choose the winner, as she is little Ms. Grabbyhands these days. Contact me with your shipping info so I can get a copy of the Galapagos Finches to you!

Here's the thing - My printer is running a bit behind on schedule with the Galapagos Finch print. It won't be ready until the end of next week (BOO), BUT I am listing it in my shops at a special pre-order price of $25 for this week only. After that, it will be $30.

Also, as promised I am having a sale in both my Big Cartel and Etsy shops. Type in this coupon code when checking out and you will get 15% off:



  1. hey! that is me. woo hoo. i can't believe it. i am so excited. you must thank isabel for me. yay. you have made my day so much better.

  2. what a cutie patootie that isabel is!!

  3. what an adorable assistant you have

  4. O-M-G!!! Isabel is SO beautiful & adorable! How can you stand it??? Those cheeks!

  5. I thought Isabel and I had an understanding that it would be my name (my name!) that came out of that hat!

    I know, I know. I got here too late to even throw my hat in the ring, but in no way did that rescind our agreement :-).

  6. She told me all about it. Isabel refuses to partake in your wave of corruption!


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