Scientists at Work

Recently, I have been really enjoying The New York Times "Scientists at Work" blog. It's a blog in which you can follow various world wide field expeditions. It's great, because it provides a nice glimpse in to the work of field scientists as they recount their experiences directly from the expeditions. You get to see the wonder and beauty, as well as the drudgery and danger that can be involved with this type of work. I've been following Chris Filardi's expedition in the Solomon Islands (his writing is really wonderful, in addition to some great photos of rare species of birds and other critters), Noah Snyder-Mackler's expedition in Africa studying the strange gelada (a savannah and mountain dwelling baboon-like monkey), and Doug Stotz's expedition in Peru's northern Amazon area. Doug is an ornithologist at the Field Museum. I don't know Doug well at all, but see him every now and then around the bird division's prep lab. Have a great weekend!


  1. I like your really-really works for me! :)

  2. Love the super-green colour. Beautiful painting. It's a really 'birdish' bird, if you know what I mean. You really captured its energy.


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