Birding in Hyde Park, New Print Available in Shop

A couple of weekends ago, I did a little fall bird watching with my friend Renate at Wooded Isle, down in Hyde Park. Renate and I had gone a handful of times in the spring, and so it was interesting to see what would be around in the fall. The first painting documents what we saw on a day in May. The second painting (the one with the noticeably fewer birds in it!) documents what we were able to spot in late September. One of the challenges that became quickly apparent about fall bird watching, is that most of the adult birds have molted out of their flashy breeding plumage and in to their more drab non-breeding attire. In addition, to make things even more confusing, there are a lot of first year birds that have not yet grown in to adult plumage. So, even for the more seasoned pairs of eyes amongst our bird watching group, there was a good amount of guesswork involved in terms of trying to identify specific species. If the sightings were slim that day, there was no disappointment from my end. A few birds sighted, walking in one of Chicago's more beautiful parks, good company, and a great meal afterwards was more than enough to satisfy all of my appetites.

Some of you had asked if I would be making a print edition of the first painting, back when I initially posted it to the blog in May. I decided to take you up on it! It is now available as an 8 x 10 inch, limited edition of 30, archival ink jet print. It is beautifully printed on Hahnemuhle archival (and sustainable!) bamboo paper by the fine folks at Iolabs in Rhode Island.

The print is available HERE


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! :D

    I saw my very first Red-breasted nuthatch this summer in Labrador. It's not usually a bird we see in those parts but oh my GOD what a sweet little bird! (And LOUD. lol)

  2. Very gorgeous. I would dearly love the patience to bird watch more seriously!

  3. Thanks! And for the record, I have little patience, but even a little bit yields satisfying results with bird watching (or any observing of nature, for that matter).

  4. I came home last night to find one of these prints waiting for me as a present from John! I feel honored to have it. So beautiful.

  5. Little print is very honored to live in your lovely home!


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