Tiny Watercolors

I'm currently in the process of having a new website designed (*yay*), and so I worked on some tiny spot illustrations for it this weekend. It's all of my favorite things: lichen, moss, corvids, and rhinoceros beetles!


  1. Your spot illustrations are lovely; I really like the way you layer your greens in watercolor. And your birds and beetles have such character. I've been wanting to update my website with spot illos for weeks, and you've inspired my to get on it!

  2. I nearly had a heart attack the day I first discovered your website! I couldn't believe I'd found such a treasure. Can't wait to see the new one :)
    Oh, and I nearly forgot...yes, I use synthetic round brushes, always have. I've never tried the natural bristle ones. The ones I have now are made in Mexico. I can send you some if you like :) They're really good.

  3. Qué dibujos deliciosos! i really love them! They are AMAZING! so sweet! beautiful!... Saludos!

  4. Thanks everybody! And Geninne, thanks for sharing that info. I was just curious as I hadn't seen brushes quite like that before. I use sable brushes, and now I'm spoiled. Nothing else quite cuts it.

  5. i love each and every tiny watercolor
    these too are some of my favorite things


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