When I went to the Field Museum last week for my volunteer shift, I had Dave help me suss out some American Kestrel specimens. I have a commissioned watercolor I am working on of a Kestrel, and so wanted some reference photos of their plumage. I love taking closeup photos of bird feathers. The top two are from an American Kestrel specimen, and the bottom two are from a Horned Grebe that I worked on making in to a specimen later in the day.


  1. It's mesmerizing to see their plumage up close. Have you seen Andrew Zuckerman's "Bird" book? It's gorgeous.

  2. That is a good way to get the right colors and lines down when drawing them. I just told my son they we need to make a trip up to the Field Museum because he is interested in Mummys. Maybe that could be a summer weekend trip for us. I enjoy your blog very much.


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