Work In Progress

I've been working on a batch of watercolors that will be available on a new website. I just started working on this one today. I'm fascinated by polar habitats, especially the Antarctic. I also love Antarctic exploration history and figures such as Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott. A couple of Christmas's ago, I was given a really fantastic guide on Antarctic wildlife. I dream that someday maybe, just maaaaybe I will have the opportunity to use it in the field, but until then it is making a great reference tool for this painting and others to follow. Most of the bottom half is complete. The top will be fleshed out more with a sleeping explorer in his tent, and his sled dogs curled up outside.


  1. Looks amazing so far Diana. Make sure to provide a link to this new website when it goes up, ok?

  2. I'm also drawn to polar habitats. Gorgeous piece! My favorite poster of yours is the "Nada Surf, Rouge Wave, Inara George" :) And i love my arctic fox and owl prints!

  3. oh I'm looking forward to seeing your new website with these new works!

  4. I love your new upcoming Artic addition! The Artic has a special draw for me and my memorable adventures have been to photograph in Churchill (polar bears, etc) and the Gulf of St. Lawrence near the Magdalen Islands (harp seals). Looking forward to your new website.
    Tail Wags to All.

  5. Thanks everybody! I'm almost finished with the painting, and will post it soon. I should clarify too that the new site is not my site, but will be showcasing original artwork by me and about 10 other artists. I will post when it goes live.


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