Ruby-throated Hummingbird -Archilochus colubris

I saw one of these the other evening while sitting looking at Lake Michigan. It flitting about the tops of trees. Ruby-throated humming birds are the Northeast's only species of hummingbird. It's late summer/early fall, and so I am sure it was on its way south to winter in Central America.

Right now, I'm in Seattle for the holiday weekend. I'm working at the Flatstock poster convention at the Bumbershoot Music Festival. If you are attending, stop by my booth and say hi!


  1. i love this picture- will you make prints of it? i sat around for a month this summer waiting to have my baby and watched hummingbirds alot of the time with my 90 year old grandmother! :)

  2. HI Annie - Thanks for the comment. Very nice work and blog , yourself! Currently I have no plans to turn this into a print edition, but will post if that changes.


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