This Little Bird is Heading South

Well, it's officially spring in Chicago, because I see robins everywhere, and hear the metallic, mechanical calls of Common grackles. While birds are heading north to their breeding grounds, I'm heading south to Austin, TX for the Flatstock Poster Convention happening during the SXSW music festival. I'll be back posting next week!

A quick "Thank you!" to those that stopped by to say hello to me on Memebers' Night at the Field Museum. I was working a table answering questions about museum specimens down in the mammal prep lab (see above photo). Species on the table included (left to right):a pickled specimen of a male Hammerhead bat (native to E. Africa), mink, hide of a N. American beaver, chipmunk, Thirteen-lined ground squirrel, Grey squirrel black color morph, Fox squirrel, subspecies of Fox squirrel native to Florida, and beautiful Prevost's squirrel (native to Eastern Asia). In the background are two giant, wooden tanning wheels that are about as old as the museum. They are not in regular use anymore (although completely functional). I know it can be a little off putting to some to see a table full of dead animals, but these specimens are incredibly valuable research tools that aid scientists in finding out precious information about a particular species, and in turn that information is used to help preserve it in the wild.

Ok- enjoy your week, and I'll be back soon.


  1. Hope you have a great time in Austin!
    The robins are here too :) Happy spring to you!


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