Peregrine Falcon and Common Nighthawk

I wasn't able to make it in to the museum last week to volunteer, alas, but hopefully this week. One of the recent shows I was involved in, The Exquisite City, just came down and so I got back all of the paintings that I had hanging in it. I hadn't posted them for sale because while I was satisfied enough with their state of completion for the show, I knew that I would want to work on them more. So, these were two of the watercolors that were in the show, and I just finished adding a bit more to them this weekend. I did 5 different paintings of bird species that can be found in an urban habitat such as Chicago.


  1. The first image of the falcon is quite arresting. Last week something similar happened outside my kitchen window. A hawk had taken down a hairy woodpecker. It was shocking to see. I adore your bird specimen paintings. They are beautiful.


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