Morris's Nest and Egg Engravings

So, in the previous post, I wrote about my trip to Edinboro, PA and the etching was able to make at the university's print lab there. The etching was inspired by an engraving hanging in the house of my host. Someone that read that post and my description of said engraving is a natural history print collector, and was kind enough to send me (thanks Bill) a little information about it. The original engraving (which I have posted a picture of above) is from an entire series from an 1875 edition of Francis Orpen Morris, A Natural History of the Nests & Eggs of British Birds. Many of the images of these can be viewed HERE (and purchased as well). Image courtesy, a natural history print dealer.

Also above, is an image of my latest proof of my etching. I added the text across the bottom " T. migratorius, American Robin" and printed the nest plate in a sepia ink rather than a graphite which the last was printed. For those of you that have asked about its availability, I will be selling it though my main site and Etsy shop as soon as I am able to edition it; hopefully in a couple of weeks!


  1. Diana:

    I haven't checked in for quite a while. Elly and I have been busy with a new puppy, and I'm doing a lot of work on the house these days. (I decided to leave Sprint after 12 years. :-) )

    A few weeks ago we observed a male common redpoll on our niger feeder. I was fortunate enough to get a few pictures, even.

    These birds are more common in the northern US but are extremely rare in the Kansas City area. My friend from Backyard Bird told me our sighting was the only confirmed report of a male redpoll he knows of on the eastern side of the state. We were thrilled the little guy decided to visit our midtown backyard.


  2. Diana,

    I saw these today and was reminded of your etching/this engraving.


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