Hi there! was nice enough to interview me about my paintings. We talk a bit about the recent album art I did for Andrew Bird, and how the natural world figures into my work in general.

Go to interview.


  1. That was really great to read. I liked it when you said being an artist is important to you because you feel like it is the best way that you engage with the world. I also thought it was neat that you only make posters for music that you listen to or feel in synch with. That is really neat.

  2. Nice to see you getting the much deserved recognition. Great interview.
    I would also have to agree with your take on the Bon Iver album. It gets a lot of air time at our place too.

  3. Thanks! Yeah, isn't the Bon Iver album sublime? The person that interviewed me made the rec. of the latest Bowerbirds album, based on the music I listed there at the end. I picked it up and it's amazing. If you haven't aleady, you should definitely check it out.


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