New Prints in Etsy Shop

I just posted two new editions of archival inkjet prints to the Etsy Shop. The prints are limited editions on 15 each, and printed with archival, pigmented ink on beautiful, sustainable Hahnemuhle bamboo paper. Thanks, and I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend!


  1. hi,
    I got my Barn Owl today, and it is amazing! I think it would have been a pretty cool screenprint as well!

    I think a Sudyka original is in my future. Have you ever done a saw-whet owl? When I was in college I helped a local researcher who was studying their migration habits through central Wisconsin.

    Anywho, just wanted to say thanks again!


  2. Hey Andy, I am so pleased to hear that! Thank YOU for supporting my feeble artistic exploits.

    No, I haven't done a painting of a saw-whet owl yet, which strikes me as plain wrong. I will try to remedy that as soon as possible! I am familiar with a saw-whet banding program in WI. I don't know if it is the same one you may have been involved with, but it sounded really interesting.

  3. hi again,
    You are about as humble as another of my favorite artists, Jay Ryan. Perhaps you know him ;)

    The researcher I was working with was Eugene Jacobs, who runs the Limwood Springs Research Station in/near Stevens Point.

    Thanks again, and keep me updated on any saw-whet painting!


  4. Hello :)

    I found my way here via Geninne's recent interview and your barn own caught my eye. He's gorgeous. I love barn owns, or, pretty much all birds, in fact!

    Mr Fox is brilliant too. I especially like the bark on the tree, and his tufty ears :)

    Always love finding a new art blog to follow. Glad I was led to yours!



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