Back from the U.K. and Birds of Peru

I just returned home yesterday afternoon after spending 5 days in Manchester for an art show that I have at the The Richard Goodall Gallery. with my fellow artist and husband, Jay Ryan. The bulk of the work was Jay's as this is his third show there, and most of what was being shown is rock poster art. It was really good to see all of my poster work framed proper and all up on a nice clean wall. All in all it was a great weekend. The show was well received and we had a good turnout of supporters. Thanks to the Goodall family and everyone that made it out to the opening! No thank you to dark, rain pissing Manchester weather!

Tonight, if I don't succumb to jet lag, I will be attending an event for the publication for a new guide on the birds of Peru at the Field Museum. I plan on shuffling off later this morning for my normal volunteer shift of specimen prep., but we'll see how awake I am at 3PM today. I don't think even a double espresso can help me. Besides, I do have a lot of illustration work to catch up on. The book is authored by Tom Schulenberg and John O'Neill, and is supposedly extraordinarily beautiful. I will try to provide more specifics on it later.

A quick note: I was recently made aware of this excellent explanation of the process of one way that a bird makes it into a collection such as the one at the Field Museum. Check it out here. Thank you fiske!

I'll be back with more paintings soon.


  1. AHH!! You're Jay Ryan's wife?!?! haha! Oh my gosh! You both have been two of my favorite artists for a long time! I can't believe it! :) I love his work for Andrew Bird's first CD. Wow! I can't believe this! Small world!

  2. Hi Diana!

    Cool link to the Kansas Museum specimen prep page. It was really well written, too. I was at that museum a few years back - little did I know what treasures were stored a few floors above me!


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