Bay-Breasted Warbler

The Bay-Breasted Warbler that I prepared did not have the bold coloring of the one depicted here. It was much more pale by comparison. It was either a breeding female, or a non-breeding male, but I don't remember what was eventually ascertained regardings its gender. Bay-Breasted Warblers are in the genus Dendroica and in the family Parulidae with most other wood warblers. Many warblers are coming through the Chicago area right now. Unfortunately, I only see the ones that won't be making it through, but I'm still astounded by the variety of these little insectivores.


  1. I'm fairly certain this is what I spotted in the tree this morning as the wet snow fell in southeast South Dakota. I have decided to try and identify the birds that I enjoy each spring. It's not easy for a beginner...thanks for the post, as it made it a bit easier.


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