Tree of Life

I wasn't able to post this week because of big illustration deadlines. Hopefully next week I can get some time in to paint subject matter that interests me rather than having to meet the weird requests of art editors. 

This is a painting I made back in October. October and autumn feels like it was eons ago. What a winter we are having! I love do love snow and winter, but I am starting to feel that itch for green. I have been fantasizing about my garden a lot and pouring over seed catalogues. 

Anyway "Tree of Life" is available as a print now. Hope you have a lovely weekend and that you are warm and safe, wherever you live. 


  1. I want spring to arrive too! Thanks for this little bit of green. It's lovely! Good luck with your project. :)

  2. Thanks Holly! Let's hope it's not too long off : )


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