New Etching Completed: 'Ghost Island'

I finally have a full image of my completed 5 color etching that I made with White Wings Press here in Chicago. Teresa James, artist, master printer and owner of White Wings Press recently contacted me to tell me that they are currently in the process of printing the edition. Teresa and her team were going to debut the print at one of the New York print fairs, but hurricane Sandy changed everybody's plans. Each color is a separate copper plate, and each plate is roughly 9 x 20 inches, so making a single print is a laborious process. My background is in intaglio, and for some years I worked as a fine art printer. It was a great opportunity to revisit this medium that I love so much. 

The imagery in the etching is influenced by a number of different things: Hiyao Miyazaki movies, island biogeography, and the general sense of awe I have for the natural world. I don't want to say too much about it, as I like there to be room for other's imaginations and interpretations.  It's not an entirely accurate photo, as the paper it's being printed on is a bit warmer white, and you can't see those wonderful embossed plate edges in the paper that are so indicative of intaglio. Anyway, you get the idea. : )


  1. That's just so lovely!! Beautiful work. I just love the 'floating islands'. Will these be for sale some time, Diana?

    1. Thanks! And yes, I hope to have some available soon. I will post as soon as I do.

  2. A beautiful work, and what a great opportunity to go through that process.

  3. That's beautiful. And, dare I say, evocative. Evocative of what exactly, I'm not sure - i think that's why I like it so much.

  4. I love your twisted trees and branches, I've seen trees like that, beautiful. I would delight in those embossed plate edges too, that's magical in itself. A delightful piece! :)


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