Wandering Wolf

I've been sick and so have been able to watch more nature documentaries than I normally do. 

Recently I've had wolves on the brain. I've watched a couple of really great docs, and you can too. The most recent was this one about a couple living for a year in the Idaho Wilderness and tracking wolves. It's called River of No Return

And this one, which was particularly interesting, is about wolves and other wildlife in Chernobyl: Radioactive Wolves. It's a sobering reminder of the Chernobyl tragedy, but oddly hopeful about the resiliency of nature.

And if you are in the Midwest you MUST pay a visit to Wolf Park. Jay and I were lucky enough to be invited as special guests some years ago, and we're hoping to go back with our daughter Isabel in a couple of months.

The painting is a wolf themed stamp collage watercolor I just finished last night. 


  1. This looks eerily wonderful! Those wolves capture the imagination don't they. Recently watched a programme about wolves returning (naturally) to Canada? I'm sure it was Canada. Just to hear them howl, is spine tingling. On the blog 'Jackie Morris Artist' she has been in with the wolves too, too scary for me, I prefer the birds :)

  2. When visiting Ely Minnesota last summer we went to the International Wolf Center and I got a new perspective on these fabulous creatures. http://www.wolf.org/wolves/index.asp. We also were staying in a cabin and heard the sounds of wolves howling. It was very neat and a bit eery. I love your picture.

  3. Very nice work on this one. I like these pieces that seem to be a moment in a much longer tale.

  4. Really love this, is it by any chance available as a print?


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