Robins, Robin, Robins

In the previous post, there's an image of a painting that was the first one I did for this particular job, but decided to go with this one instead. Both paintings are of an American Robin - Turdus migratorius. T. Migratorius belongs to Turdidae family, which also includes Wood and Hermit thrushes.

This fellow, however, is a European Robin Erithacus rubecula. European Robins are not related to T. migratorius, and belong to an entirely different family: Muscicapidae. Europeans settlers in N. America laid eyes on T. migratorius, and perhaps getting a pang of homesickness for their similarly red-breasted feathered friends at home, bestowed upon it the name of robin.

Little collage painting of Erithacus rubecula is in the store.


  1. You make the best birdies ever :)
    I love looking at robins tilt their little heads to listen for worms in the dirt.

  2. Aw thanks, fellow birdie painter addict!


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