Maide Weide

I love this woman. Look at her happily making models of placoderms and jawless fishes. Isn't she the awesomest? I pass by this display of Maide Weide's work in the hallway on the third floor of the Field Museum every time I go in to work in the bird lab. Apparently Weide took over for this guy. She made paintings and models, and you can still see some of her handiwork in the public collections.


  1. You can totally tell by that photo that she loved her job :)

  2. That last painting CRACKS ME UP for some reason. Raaarrr!

  3. Oh I know. It cracks me up too. CHOMP! In the photo she looks so happy and serene, all the while working away at creating these little monster masterpieces.

  4. The mud in the placoderm piece is incredible.

    Okay, I realize that's tiny minutiae, but.. it is really well-rendered mud.


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