Album Illustration, Ross Bleckner

I've been working on album artwork for a band in Barcelona, Spain. I was given a lot of freedom, which is always nice. These are just a bunch of little spot illustrations I whipped up for the interior art. I stuck with what I love and know best: lot's of mosses, coral, spores, lichens (surprise!).

The second image is not mine ( I wish). I've been thinking about the work of Ross Bleckner a lot recently. I have a book of his amazing watercolors. They always make me think of really elemental lifeforms: pollen, cells, spores, amoebas, moss etc. etc.

The 2 paintings from the previous post about the Garfield Park Conservatory sold (YAY), and if you are reading this and you are one of the individuals that bought one: Thank you! If you are reading this and did not buy one but were hoping to, I will be posting a couple more next week.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love the spot illustrations! The red coral just killed me :)


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