Narwhal Print

I just completed a new screenprint. The first one I have done in months. I wasn't able to print this myself, though. I had to have Jay print it up due to me having hands full of baby. It's for a set of prints that are raising money for a friend with cancer. The proceeds from the print set sales will help to cover his medical costs. Check it out HERE; lots of wonderful artists are involved. The photos above are respectively: my ink color notes to Jay, the original line drawing, and the finished four color screenprint.

I am fascinated by narwhals. I made a print of some a couple of years ago. I also have a photograph taken of a big group of male narwhals popping up through a hole in the ice, by Paul Nicklen. Nicklen just did a fantastic TED talk. He tells of his encounter with an Antarctic leopard seal. I had read about this particular encounter somewhere else, but to hear Nicklen tell it himself is a real treat. You can watch his talk HERE.


  1. What a wonderful print!

    Wanted to tell you that the other place to hear the Paul Nicklen leopard seal story told in a slightly different but equally compelling way is on Radio Lab:

  2. I love Radiolab. I haven't listened to this episode yet, so thank you for the link!

  3. fantastic imagery for anyone who has dealt with cancer

  4. I'm disappointed I didn't see this sooner. I would have bought a print collection for the benefit and posted it to the art forum I'm a part of ( It was started to discuss the band Phish and gig related art, but it has evolved and there are HUGE fans of Jay, you, Dan Grzeca, Dan McCarthy, Aaron Horkey, etc. Other people would have bought a set as well!!

  5. I am familiar with I just checked, and I hadn't realized that the auction for the sets had ended. I'm guessing that means they sold out. Either way, we're just happy that they were as successful as they were.


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