Inspired by Nature

A couple of times on this here blog, I have featured the work of other artists that draw their inspiration from nature and science. And now, just in time for your holiday shopping, I have another artist: Contagious. Contagious is the vision of a skilled jeweler, Ruth. Ruth draws her inspiration from nature and science, often siting some of the old, vintage biology and zoology books in her collection as source material. The books, charmingly, often show up in the photos of the jewelry items in her Etsy shop. One of my favorite, current items is the "Protozoa" necklace. It's a fine example of Ruth's craftsmanship. She uses top notch materials, with impeccable attention to detail. Her aesthetic vision is sophisticated in that she makes these forms her own. While they reference the original source material, they also have an elegant abstract quality leaving the wearer and observer an open door to many interpretations. So hop on over to her ETSY STORE and have a look, because doesn't that special biologist in your life deserve a protozoa necklace, and a pair of strobili earrings? Yes. Yes they do.


  1. nice. I love Ruth's jewelry. I have several pieces, and I always get compliments.

  2. Yes, I have few of her pieces too. They're sublime.

  3. Thank you for the very kind words, Diana (and Tanya, too).


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