Field Museum Photos Contest!

Hello! I am on vacation in the wonderful Pacific Northwest, the San Juan Islands specifically. I have limited internet access (ha -thankfully!), but here's a few photos from the public collections of the Field Museum that I took while I was there a couple of weeks ago. Here's the contest: The first person to post a comment to this blog with the correct names of each of the species in these 3 photos will win a 6 x 8 inch watercolor from me. I don't know what the watercolor will be of yet, but I am planning on something from my travels here. I'll be back 9/9 to post the painting and the winner. Go!


  1. (North Island) Brown Kiwi, Shoebill, Lady Amherst's Pheasant

  2. Hmmmm...

    Lady Amherst Pheasant

    Doh, just noticed I was too late while in this window.

    Thanks for the distraction -- Shoebill basically took an hour of internet scouring. :)

  3. since I'm way too late I think the one in the middle should be allowed to be a Dodo :)

  4. From top to bottom:

    (1) Apteryx australis (or Apteryx mantelli)
    (2) Balaeniceps rex
    (3) Chrysolophus amherstiae

    Did you know that some people call Shoebills "Whale Heads"?


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