Missing Green

Pots of tea and the wood burning stove have been my staunch allies in relaxing winter's grey, icy grip, during this most recent cold snap here in Chicago. I find myself dreaming of spring and green mossy patches. This last fall while cleaning up the yard and stacking wood, I turned over a big chunk of bark. I crouched down and marveled at the little micro ecosystem of moss, fungus, lichens, pill bugs, and snails. I don't know how snails and pill bugs fare during cold months, but I'd like to think they'll be waiting under that piece of bark once everything thaws and the world begins to green up again.


  1. I love your illustrations! beautiful!

  2. I love your colors. I'm beginning to have a greater appreciation of the arctic from you paintings. very nice.

  3. If I have helped someone to have a greater appreciation for the arctic, that makes me happy indeed!

  4. tiny snails are some of my favorite creatures
    love this print!!


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