Neko Case

I'm a fan of Neko Case, and really love the new album, Middle Cyclone. Lucky me, I was given permission to create a poster for her upcoming show at Massey Hall in Toronto on 7/14/2009. Aside from having respect for her as an artist (musical and visual), I am also drawn to her love and understanding of nature and its inhabitants. Wilderness and the forces of nature are themes that consistently thread her songs, especially on the current album, and previous (Fox Confessor Brings the Flood). As she has been a advocate for the environment, it seems fitting to have a group of forest critters singing her praises. It's a five color screenprint, and will be available after the show date.

**Now available in Etsy Shop**


  1. oh that's great! love the poster :)

  2. Awesome, I'm a huge fan of Neko's and have seen her many times as far back as the Virginian cd, and also of Kathleen Judge's work who often does posters for her. I love this one Diana, would you mind putting one aside for me since I know you have to wait until the show to sell them?

  3. this would even make a fantastic t-shirt (minus the tour date typography)

    beautiful work!

  4. What a lovely coincidence... I discovered your work today thanks to Geninne's art blog, and now I find out that you created this lovely poster for neko case, who I've blogged about three days ago... I am definitely going to feature some of your artwork in Animalarium!


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