A Belated Happy 2009!

Hello, yes, I am still here even though I have not posted in quite awhile! 2009 got off to a very busy start for me, which is great, but that has meant much less time for Tiny Aviary. I hope to be posting regularly again in the coming weeks. In the meantime here's a photo of some posters for Andrew Bird's show at Carnegie Hall that use the bird-of-paradise image I painted for the song "Fitz and the Dizzy Spells" on the new album. Supposedly these are plastered all over NYC, and in Chicago (advertising Andrew's Civic Opera show). This photo was taken in NYC near Canal St. It's making me think that maybe I should do a screen-print of the bird-of-paradise. Anyway, I hope everybody is having a great 2009 so far. I'll be back soon, so stay warm!


  1. Whoa! That is so cool!
    Please make a screen-printed version, I'd love to have one :)
    Happy 2009 to you too.

  2. That is really exciting. Beautiful image to be plastered all over NYC.

  3. I'd order the screen-print no doubt! I actually found four posters plastered on my street today (13th st at 4th ave) and tracked you down! It's a beautiful print and I'm going to the concert this week and hope to find the poster.


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