Happy New Deer

One of my favorite memories from 2007 was attending a design conference in Seattle. Jay and I stayed one night in a hotel downtown, and then headed out to the conference which was being held at a mountain retreat about 3 hours outside of the city. It was beautiful and rustic. There was an outdoor, heated, salt water swimming pool, situated in the shadow of one of the many mountains. One morning I woke up early and leaned up in bed to peer out of the window. Just outside, sitting in the mist under enormous pines were three mule deer. They were curled up and sleeping like my greyhound would. I watched over the next twenty minutes as one by one they casually rose, yawned, stretched and slowly sauntered off to start the day. It was a gift to witness it, and it's a scene that stuck with me all year.


  1. What a gift to see those amazing creatures! It's also a gift to be able to see the wondrous things you do with a brush and some watercolors :)

  2. i had a similar experience while staying at a friends in mountainous southern queensland. waking just as the sun started to light the bush along the rivers edge to see five sambar deer grazing amongst sue's highland ponies. it was so breathtaking i couldn't tear myself away to find my camera.

    hope you decide to print this lovely work, i sure would like a copy.


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