Wilson's Bird of Paradise - Cincinnurus respublica

This little bird of paradise will be flying aaaaaalll of the way to Mexico City to live with someone there. I created this in trade for a piece of this very talented artist's work. I have gotten some of my favorite art by way of barter! Wilson's blue cap is not feathers but bald, with the exception of the black outlines across the crown. It is said that the blue skin is so vivid that it can be seen at night. The curly tail feathers have violet and silver. I swear I did not make this bird up.


  1. I nearly fainted when I saw this gorgeous bird...and then I read it's flying home to me...I had to contain myself from dialing 911 :))) You are too kind Diana! Holy guacamole, you made my day!

  2. You gave those Maimeri quite the work out with this colorful beauty! I'm so giddy I could sing...


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