Tiny Aviary's Tiny Vacation

Hello my dear fellow bird nirds. I will not able to post to Tiny Aviary for a couple of weeks as my other illustration work has called me away on business. There are few things that I would rather be doing than making wee watercolors of birds, but I am in Austin for the Flatstock Poster Convention that happens in conjunction with the SXSW music festival. So far I've seen tons of Boat-tailed Grackles, and White-winged Doves. I have a list of birds that I look forward to posting soon after I return after the 25th of March. It's going to get busy at the museum as spring migration has begun. This Monday past I walked into the Bird Division to find Dave Willard seated and labeling 30 Song Sparrows that he had collected from that morning alone from the base of McCormick Center.


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