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Welcome to Tiny Aviary

Tiny Aviary is a blog I started long ago to document my experience of volunteering at the bird lab in the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. I have volunteered at the Field Museum for roughly over 10 years, and in that period of time met many incredible, dedicated people that helped to cultivate a true love of science and nature that sustains me and now I share with my daughter. The work I did at the Field provided much inspiration for my illustration work, and helped me to grow as an artist. My life has expanded and changed in many ways, and between motherhood and being a full time illustrator, there is little time these days to visit the bird lab. I have considered taking this blog down as I no longer post here, but for now am glad to share and to have this as a document of that time, and hope you enjoy it too. I only ask that you respect that these are my images, and to email for permission before using.

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